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Artifcial Intelligence in Medicine: promise and reality – a colloquium

Title: Artifcial Intelligence in Medicine: promise and reality – a colloquium Course Language: English A cura di: Prof. Riccardo Bellazzi Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione Prof. Silvia Priori U.O. Cardiologia Molecolare – ICS Maugeri

2nd National IDBN Congress & III Thematic Conference ESB-ITA ‘3D printing and Biomechanics’

congress is targeted towards professionals, researchers and students in the fields of medicine and engineering; will host lectures, presentation speeches and biomodel presentations.

Seminar: Health Consumer Operated IT for Mental Health & Lifestyle e-Screening and e-Therapy

As populations become more IT literate there is tremendous potential in the health consumer as a direct user of health IT systems. The health consumer can answer many questions about themselves, functioning as electronic screening for feedback to themselves and to clinicians.

Research and Nanomedicine – 2018 – Third Edition

After the first two editions' success, the third Research and Nanomedicine workshop will also take place in Pavia, on Thursday, 14th june. This time, too,  this day aims at promoting the sharing of knowledge and experiences among the research groups of the University of Pavia working on nanomedicine and the rest of the athenaeum, hoping to foster new collaborations, synergies and participation to future projects.

Course: Multi-Agent Models in Biomedical Simulation

In this three-day short course, we will develop agent-based models for simulating a variety of biomedical problems. We will be using the NetLogo software package, which is in extensive use in agent-based modeling of a very wide variety of domains, not solely biomedical.