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The workshop

Tissue repair: from biochemical mechanisms to formulation approaches

took place on 10 March 2016 in University of Pavia's Volta hall.

Organized by the Department of Drug Sciences (DDS) and the Centre for Health Technology (CHT), and sponsored by the Phd School in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Pavia, the event was targeted at focusing the attention of both experts and the scientific community in the athaeneum on the contents of REGENERO, a research project proposed by the Department of Drug Sciences and then adopted by the CHT,  the natural incubator of research involving technologies in health care.

In short, the project was aimed at integrating research paths and topics currently active at the DDS, in both the Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and the Pharmacology sections, with the purpose of projecting, producing, testing and delivering new active substances -or variations of the existing ones- that could further tissue repair/regeneration and thus potentially satisfy this unmet medical need in many fields of tissue repair/regeneration, i.e. skin, bone, soft tissue and whole organs.

All the presentations were met with interest and many inquiries from the public and the session closed with the hope that the younger researchers could be able to get new ideas and cues out of the themes exposte in the workshop, and with the wish of Prof. Massolini, that this event may soon have a follow-up to measure the progress of the ongoing research.

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