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July 12th to 14h, 2017

Python For Bioinformatics

Aula D8
Former IT and Systems Dept., 
Via A. Ferrata, 5 - Pavia

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Alberto Riva, PhD, 

Associate Scientist DiBiG - ICBR

Bioinformatics Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR)

University of Florida

Course summary and schedule:

Wednesday, 12. July 09.00-13.00

 1st segment - Basic Python: syntax, data types, functions, classes, and methods.

 2nd segment - Biological data. Common file types: sequence files, FASTA, fastq, alignment (SAM, BAM), variant calling (VCF).

 Thursday 13. July 14.00-18.00

1st segment - Python for biological computing (BioPython, Pysam, etc).

 2nd segment - Assign and discuss practical exercise.

 Friday 14. July09.00-13.00

1st segment - Complete practical exercise.

2nd segment - Final evaluation.


Due to the interactive nature of the course, the number of participants is limited to 25, registrations will be considered in order of arrival.


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