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Tuesday 06th June 2017 from 14.30 to 18.30

Research and Nanomedicine

organised by Piersandro Pallavicini and Livia Visai.

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This day appears as anopportunity for the UniPV research groups with a long-lasting experience in Nanomedicine to interact with each other and the rest of the University; to foster collaborations, sinergies and growth of shared projects.

Two invited talks, respectively from Milano Bicocca University and from Genova University will complete the event.



14:30 – Davide Prosperi (Milano Bicocca University)
“Functionalization of colloidal nanoparticles for biomedical applications” 

15:00 – Enrica Chiesa (Dept. of Drug Sciences, University of Pavia)
“Nano-systems for therapy and tissue regeneration”

15:20 – Veronica Codullo e Carlomaurizio Montecucco (San Matteo Hospital, Pavia e Dept. of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy, University of Pavia)
“Targeted drug delivery by inhaled nanoparticles in the scleroderma lung”

15:40 – Federica Meloni (Dept. of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy, University of Pavia)
“A preliminary study on an innovative nanotargeted approach to malignant pleural mesothelioma”

16:00 – Coffee break

16:15 – Orietta Monticelli e Laura Pastorino (University of Genova)
“Exploitation of polylactic acid nanosystems for controlled drug release”

16:45 – Daniele Merli (Chemistry Dept., University of Pavia)
“Nanoparticles for Antineoplastic Mitoxantrone Delivery”

17:05 – Patrizia Sommi (Molecular Medicine Dept., University of Pavia)
“Ceria nanoparticles: cell internalization and mechanism of action”

17:25 – Cesare Achilli (Dept. of Biology and Biotechnologies 'Lazzaro Spallanzani', University of Pavia)
“Effect of nanomaterials on human blood cells”

17:45 – Termine lavori


Aula grande, Chimica Generale,
Viale Taramelli 10, Pavia