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February 16th and 17th, 2017  09.00 - 16.00 

Introduction to Data Science

Aula C3
Former IT and Systems Dept., 
Via A. Ferrata, 5 - Pavia

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Blaz Zupan, PhD
Anze Staric, MSc

Faculty of Computer and Information Science
University of Ljubljana

Bruna Pezzi


Course summary:

Data mining provides practical approaches and tools that allow researchers to analyze and understand their data and to craft new hypotheses. The course will focus on data mining essentials and will cover standard approaches to visualisation, clustering, classification, regression, data projection and model selection, along with applications of these techniques in various fields including image analysis. The course will be hands-on: we will introduce concepts from machine learning and data visualisation through practical examples on real-life data. The course will use a visual programming platform called Orange that requires no training in programming. We will provide a basic introduction to the inner workings and mathematics, helping students to intuitively understand the data analysis algorithms without having to understand deep mathematical concepts.

Max 45 students


Feb 16, 2017

9:00 visual programming, data visualisation, introduction to explorative analysis
10:30 classification, overfitting, model scoring and evaluation
12:00 lunch break
14:00 regression, regularization, model scoring
16:00 end of day 1

Feb 17, 2017

9:00 clustering, cluster scoring and evaluation
11:00 data projection (PCA, MDS, tSNE)
12:00 lunch break
14:00 image analytics
16:00 end of the course


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