Artifcial Intelligence in Medicine: promise and reality – a colloquium


Artifcial Intelligence in Medicine: promise and reality – a colloquium

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Prof. Riccardo Bellazzi
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione
Prof. Silvia Priori
U.O. Cardiologia Molecolare – ICS Maugeri

12/02/2019  9.00 – 17.00  Scarica la brochure Scarica in PDF

Available presentation materials:

9.30 Introduction Scarica in PDF
R. Bellazzi – Chair, Department of Industrial, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, UniPV

International perspectives

9.45 Intelligent Analytics for Clinical Research Scarica in PDF
J. Holmes – University of Pennsylvania; President, AI in Medicine Society

10.15 Opening the Black Box: Building Explainable AI Models Scarica in PDF
A. Tucker – Brunel University; Head, Intelligent Data Analytics Group

10.45 Data Science for Everyone!? Scarica in PDF
B. Zupan – University of Ljubljana; Baylor College of Medicine

Local Experiences: AI in Medicine Applications in Pavia

12.00 Decision support systems in medicine sometimes combine knowledge-driven and data-driven approaches Scarica in PDF
S.Quaglini – Head,BMI Lab – UniPv; President, SIBIM

12.15 Temporal Analytics in the Clinical Domain Scarica in PDF
L.Sacchi – BMI Lab – Unipv

14.00 Modeling Decision-Intensive Care Pathways Scarica in PDF

C. Combi – Univ. Verona, Editor of AI in Medicine Journal

14.30 Abstraction as a means to improve process mining and process analysis in healthcare Scarica in PDF

S.Montani – University of “Piemonte Orientale”

15.00 AI in medicine: problems and perspectives

Silvia Priori interviews Zupan, Tucker, Holmes

16.30 Conclusions and take home messages


Aula Capodaglio
Via Salvatore Maugeri, 4 – Pavia