Current Research Topics at C.H.T. – 2016

Current Research Topics at C.H.T.

On 19/04/2016, from 14:00 to 18:00, at the  IMATI – CNR Ronference Room

An international panel of CHT experts and researchers will present a selection of the latest research activities involving the Interdepartmental Centre for Health Technologies


14.00 – Riccardo Bellazzi – CHT, University ofPaviaWelcome and Introduction
14.15 – Stefano Monti – Boston University“High-Throughput Transcriptional Models of Chemical Carcinogenicity and Toxicity”
14.45 – Abdul Roudsari – University of Victoria“Systems Dynamics Modelling Methodologies: What’s the opportunity for Heath Informatics Researchers”Download Dr. Roudsari's Presentation
15.15 – Allan Tucker – Brunel University“Trajectories through the Disease Process”Download Dr.Tucker's presentation
15.45 – Coffee Break
16.00 – Lucia Sacchi – CHT, University of Pavia“Decision support through data integration: experiences at the BMI Lab in Pavia” Download Dr.Sacchi's Presentation
16.30 – Barbara Bottalico – CHT, University of Pavia “Autonomous systems: a legal perspective on robotics, ITCs and health technologies”Download Dr.Bottalico's Presentation
17.00 – Hermes Giberti – CHT, University of Pavia“HIL system for lower-limb active prostheses tests” Download Dr.Giberti's Presentation
17.30 – Serena Bugatti – CHT, University of Pavia“Targeted therapies and targeted delivery in rheumatology”
18.00 – Fine dei lavori

The workshop gives credits for the Doctorate School in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics.

Locandina 2016.04.19 Workshop Current Research Topics at CHT

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